"A brilliantly crafted crime novel. Whiplash pacing and disturbing psychological profiles will grip readers until its startling conclusion."— Lisa Turner, Edgar-nominated author of THE GONE DEAD TRAIN
"Every bit as excellent as THE SILENT GIRLS. Engrossing, riveting, and re-readable. Don't miss out."— Mallory Heart Reviews, 5-star review
"A flawless mystery, brilliantly told, with a twisted, spiraling plot that gets under your skin and sends your nerves into overdrive."— Classic Book Reader
"Another gem. Rickstad invents his own genre and LIE IN WAIT ups the game. Gripping. Deft. Unexpected. Surprising.— Drew Yanno, author of In the Matter of Michael Vogel
"Gripping, topical, and wrenching—a top-flight mystery. I didn't see the gut punch ending coming, even as it tumbled into place. Great stuff."— Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-Winning author
One of our best writers!— Classic Book Reader
Eric Rickstad

About Eric

Eric Rickstad is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the mystery novel THE SILENT GIRLS, the #1 Nook and #1 Kindle novel heralded as intelligent and profound, dark, disturbing, and heartbreaking. His first novel REAP was a New York Times Noteworthy Novel. His next novel LIE IN WAIT will be published July 28, 2015 by Harper Collins. He lives in his home state of Vermont with his lovely wife and daughter, and is represented by Philip Spitzer of the Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency.

Praise for REAP

“Dangerous. Perilous. A complex portrait of a group of people whose interlocking fates snap into place with gruesome repercussions and of a boy who stumbles unwittingly into adulthood like a bird dog into a wolf trap.”

—The Los Angeles Times

“Most remarkable is the evocation of the territory, the gothic tangle of native forest and exotic cash crop that mirrors the characters’ claustrophobic inner landscapes [and] the grimly poetic images scattered throughout, like flashes of submerged lives never quite reeled in.”

—New York Times Book Review

“A sharp eye for description and an uncanny — no, make that uncanny — ability to infuse his characters with the breath of life. Rickstad is an incredible and frightening talent who hopefully has many, many more tales to tell.”


“Renders dark, often violent characters with such elegance that we will embrace them long after they’ve opted for the choice that is clearly wrong.”

—Book Magazine

“Colorful, marginal, and often violent characters [and] the undertone of violence, desperation, and drug dealing as a way of life underscores the fact that the country joins the inner city in becoming a modern American wasteland.”


“Harrowing. Absorbing. Unpredictable. Dangerous. Twists inexorably in unpredictable, dangerous directions. A progressively more harrowing, absorbing tale.”

—Publishers Weekly

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Coming September 1, 2015, my new novel LIE IN WAIT. Pre-order it today!


Thanks readers, for making THE SILENT GIRLS a New York Times and a USA Today Bestseller.

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Represented by Philip Spitzer of the Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency